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Nylon Cable Tie-Stainless Steel Plate Lock Cable Tie

Nylon Cable Tie-Stainless Stee

PRODUCT FEATURES 1.Material: nylon 66,94v-2 certificated by UL. heat-...

cable clips

cable clips

"PRODUCT FEATURES 1.Material: PP/HDPE, steel nail. 2.Method: put the...

Nylon Cable Glands

Nylon Cable Glands

"Thread Spec. :PG, M(Metric),NPT Material: made of Ul approvd nylon P...

Stainless steel packing buckle 12.7mm

Stainless steel packing buckle

Stainless steel packing buckle 12.7mm.

ZD Hose Clamp

ZD Hose Clamp

Hose clamp is the hardware and software connections at the fastener. H...

Naked  Stainless Steel  Band

Naked Stainless Steel Band

"PRODUCT FEATURES 1.Material: stainless steel 201,304,316 2.Applicat...

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