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Plastic Cable Tie From China Supplier

Plastic Cable Tie From China S

Plastice Cable Tie Material: Nylon66 94v-2 certificated by UL,Heat-re...

Plastic seals Series

Plastic seals Series

Available Length:200mm、300mm、400mm、500 colors:White bule yellow ...

Expand Plugs

Expand Plugs

Material:PE\PP Flame Class:94V-2 Colour:White/Grey/Other Col...

Adhesive Tie Mount Type Cable tie mount

Adhesive Tie Mount Type Cable

Nylon Cable Tie Mount Material: Nylon66 Color: black or white wire...

Canton Fair

Canton Fair

Specializing in the production of stainless steel cable ties, nylon ca...

Product exhibition

Product exhibition

For the industrial, electrical, shipbuilding industry banding, plastic...

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