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Material rise

The peak season of the domestic steel market in April is very obvious. The demand for steel in various regions has been released to varying degrees. Coupled with the disturbance of environmental factors and the promotion of the capital market, the price of steel in various regions has risen sharply. The domestic steel index hit a new high since 2008. In this process, both ends of the supply and demand show a trend of declining and increasing: on the supply side, due to the substantial increase in profit margins, steel mills are enthusiastic about production, especially the rapid rise of electric furnace steel output; on the demand side, as the market price center continues to rise The capital pressure of end users has increased, and the pace of demand release has slowed down. Throughout April, the fundamentals of the industry gradually shifted from "booming supply and demand" to "strong supply and weak demand". High prices stimulated the growth of supply and slowed the increase in demand.

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